Educated in the soil science option of Agronomy at Virginia Tech, we have over 50 years of experience in mapping and evaluating soil characteristics for a variety of purposes ranging from agriculture and forestry to land development, environmental and wastewater disposal. Licensed Professional Soil Scientists and On-site Soil Evaluators in the State of Virginia. 


We have assisted in the proper siting and development of vineyards throughout the east. We can help you find the right property to suit your vineyard needs and help you lay out your blocks so that they can be easily managed, produce quality fruit and also help you with laying out your winery, roads, wastewater disposal, etc. 
We also coordinate with other vineyard management and wine making consultants in order to best address all your vineyard/winery needs.
We have assisted in the development of environmental regulation for localities 
to protect residents and their natural resources while allowing the development of land. Examples include: Mountainside, steep slope and limestone/sink hole protection ordinance and overlay districts to improve public safety and protect groundwater quality. We have also assisted in developing county wetland predictive models.