Vineyard Soils
Looking to start a vineyard or winery?

Looking for land?
With the high costs of buying land and planting a vineyard you want to make sure you are planting on the best site and the best soils possible so that you ensure your success. We have helped many vineyards to find the property that works best for their purposes.
Questions you should have answers to before purchasing property.
How many acres of grapes do you plan to plant? Do your goals include the high quality fruit or are you leaning toward high yields? Who are your clients? Do you want to build a winery? What type of wastewater disposal is available? What water source is available? Building a home also?

Already own land?
Based on your personal goals, we can help you to be successful by evaluating your site and soils then providing recommendations for block layout, suggestions for suited rootstocks and varieties on your site and soil to maximize fruit quality and reduce future management headaches.
The earlier you get input the more the benefit. Unfortunately, all too often we see sites that had good potential but inadvertently got negatively impacted with good intentions!
Already have a vineyard and or winery?

  • Do you see differences in vigor within blocks and aren't sure why?
  • Abnormal vine mortality?
  • Differences in fruit quality?
  • Variable ripening within the block?

-Often many of the problems encountered in vineyards can be explained in an analysis of your site and soils. Understanding your site better often allow you to make simple changes that result in better quality, yields, vine health and ultimately money in your pocket.
-This is particularly important when planning expansion whether that is more blocks, building a winery or any other land use change.
-Need help in vineyard management, pest or disease management or wine making? We also coordinate and work closely with vineyard management and wine making consultants.
Vineyard Soil Consulting
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Soil And Vineyard Evaluations
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