Preliminary Soil Reports (PSR's)
Some localities require soil mapping (Preliminary Soils Reports) as a part of their land development process. Loudoun and Fauquier Counties are two of those.

We can provide you with mapping prepared in accordance with the National Cooperative Soil Survey Program Standards and provide a Preliminary Soil Report that meets the Facility Standards Manual requirements of either County.

Why is it important to have a consultant familiar with the physiographic province, underlying geology and local soils? Understanding how the landforms, geology and soils developed is critical to the proper analysis and interpretation of how these will affect ease as well as costs of development. Good soils and geologic information adds reliability and should reduce costs for geotechnical investigations. 
Make sure that your consultant has experience in the region and specifically with the geologic formations and local soils. This not only assures that the information you are paying for is accurate but also reduces review time required by the jurisdiction, further saving you money on your development.

We can provide this product at a significant savings in time and money, particularly on larger sites. For estimated costs based on property size(acres)contact us at .